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Get an Aspect Kit with
a smart glucose sensor

Run guided experiments
with your dedicated advisor

Run guided experiments
with your dedicated advisor

Get a personalized report in 21
days with actions to improve

The best value CGM to
improve your metabolism

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The best value CGM to
improve your metabolism

Get an Aspect Kit with a smart glucose sensor

See how glucose affects your life in real time

Run guided experiments with your dedicated advisor

Get a personalized report in 21 days with actions to improve

Buy now

Why glucose matters

Both physical and emotional stress can increase your blood sugar.Source

When stressed, your body prepares itself by ensuring that enough sugar or energy is readily available by releasing it from the liver. Stress can be emotional and physical (exercise) or from illness, nutrition, and chemicals (from medicines). With the help of the aspect program, we will help you manage your stress and blood sugar in tandem.

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Blood sugar is one of the root physiological imbalances in most cases of hormonal imbalance. Source

Very often, women are faced with hormonal imbalances that affect various important aspects of their lives. These are usually correlated with glucose instability. The good news is that diet and lifestyle changes can make a difference. One study showed that 24 weeks on a low-glycemic diet improved insulin sensitivity and lowered fasting insulin for women with PCOS.

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Evidence has shown a direct link between sleep quality and glucose control. Source

Sleep is crucial for recovery, focus, and overall well-being. Interestingly glucose and sleep influence each other. Sleep impacts your glucose levels, and your glucose levels affect your sleep. We can help you understand and improve your quality of sleep.

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High blood glucose may be limiting your weight loss. Source

When blood sugar (or glucose) is high, your body releases insulin to move that sugar out of your blood and into your cells. That’s can be a problem for weight loss because your body only burns fat in the absence of sugar. With too much sugar, your body stores it as fat. We can show you methods to control this process so that you can better control your weight.

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What's included

Glucose tracking sensor

21 day evaluation

Aspect app

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How it works

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Learn from the experts and our clients

Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist, professor at Stanford University, author of The Huberman Lab podcast

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Ph.D in biomedical science interested in nutrition, brain & aging. Host of FoundMyFitness podcast

David Sinclair

Professor at Harvard Medical School, author of the bestseller "Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don't Have To"

Oliver - Photographer

I began to monitor my blood sugar levels and regulate my diet according to my health coach’s recommendations. In 6-weeks, I lost 20lbs, began to sleep much better, and was able to control my physical and mental state during the day more consciously.

David - Music producer

I learned so many new things about nutrition. For example, even slower-acting carbohydrates, in my case, instantly increased my glucose levels.

Mia - Software engineer

It was beneficial not just to learn a few things... in theory, but also to see them visually in the Aspect app, accurately reflecting my condition. It motivated me to make changes.

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