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Your brain and your gut are tightly connected, a change in one cannot occur without a change in the other. If you ever felt "Hangry" or had bowel issues relating to stress, you've seen this first hand. Traditional medicine looks at one area and tries to address the symptoms through medications that do not always treat the underlying condition.

Our combination of bio signals read from wearables and Continuous Glucose Monitors combined with personal 1:1 coaching, helps uncover the real whole body reasons for your feelings and treats the cause instead of hiding the symptoms.


Since your brain and gut are connected, we can address a variety of mental wellness issues:

Glucose — the real brain food

Your brain runs on Glucose - If there isn’t enough glucose in the blood, you will immediately experience irritability, anxiety, emotional instability, difficulty concentrating and in some cases, much worst symptoms. Until recently, there was no way to know if what you're feeling is a result of a high variability of glucose levels in your brain; but that has all changed now.

This simple device allows you and your coach to immediately check the correlation between the feelings you're experiencing and your blood glucose levels, and together to craft a lifestyle that prevents these things from happening.

What's included


Glucose tracker

Smart watch

The Aspect App

How it works

Everybody is different

We will take the first few weeks to truly learn about you, your habits, your metabolism and your lifestyle through conversations and a scientific bio-sensing approach (reading your body's responses to various nutritional stimuli)

How it works

We will be there for you

Your coach will build a plan that is made just for you - no "one-size-fits-most" approach that does not fit you, instead we will combine psychology and scientific data to create Your Plan. Our 3 months plan is science backed and 85% of our members report improvement in their mental wellbeing.

How it works

The best plan

Your coach will always be there for you, in your pocket, whenever you need her, and with the help of our app and wearable devices, will be able to help you in a way nobody else can - she will read your data, and make recommendations that work for your lifestyle and will have results on your metabolism

Our users love us


It turned out that I wasn't preparing my breakfast properly 😅, and so by the middle of the day I was getting tired, which made me very apathetic. Small changes in cooking helped me improve my daily routine. Finally!!


I started the program a few months ago, and already I feel a significant change in my emotional state. Now I can more easily cope with stress at work, and I have finally learned how to rest properly at home thanks to insights from coaching.


I didn't think the results would come so quickly. I finally stopped being afraid and procrastinating over important things. It turns out that it was the wrong diet that was affecting my metabolism...

Learn from the experts

Brené Brown

"One impact that is often overlooked is sleep’s effect on mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause serious mental health problems which can cause a huge toll on your life if not effectively addressed."

Nedra Glover Tawwab

“Don't forget that metabolic processes play a huge role in your emotional state. That's why it's extremely important to monitor your internal metrics if you want to improve your mental health.”

Andrew Huberman

“By using Levels to track my blood glucose, I now better understand what to eat and when to eat. It has also greatly improved my workouts, my ability to think clearly, my focus during cognitive work, and my sleep.”

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