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A deep understanding

Many people with insomnia treat their condition with sleeping pills to help them fall asleep but they do nothing to address the root cause of their condition. The reason they can't fall asleep, or stay asleep is most likely related to issues that can be resolved with coaching and monitoring. Through a deep understanding of your body's biosignals, we can create the perfect plan for you to sleep better.


We can address a variety of symptoms from low sleep quality and insomnia, including:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night
  • Waking up during the night
  • Waking up too early
  • Not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep
  • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness
  • Irritability, depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering
  • Increased errors or accidents
  • Ongoing worries about sleep

Glucose and sleep

Your brain runs on glucose. If your brain is low on glucose, you may experience a decline in sleep quality. Until recently, there was no way to easily correlate inconsistent glucose levels with sleep quality. Now with the help of a simple device called a CGM, you and your coach can consistently check your glucose levels, and craft a lifestyle that improves your sleep.

Sleep and your gut

Your brain and your gut are tightly connected. A change in one will have an impact on the other. Reading biosignals from wearable devices and Continuous Glucose Monitors combined with personal 1:1 coaching helps uncover the real reasons for your sleep issues and treats the causes instead of traditional medicine's approach of masking the symptoms.


A CGM, or a Continuous Glucose Monitor is a small device that adheres to the back of your arm and allows you to consistently see the levels of glucose (blood sugar) present in your system. You coach will be able to use this data to understand how various foods and activities impact your glucose and craft the perfect plan for you to improve your sleep.

What's included


Glucose tracker

Sleep tracker

The Aspect App

How it works

Everybody is different

At Aspect, we understand that no two people are the same, and the reason you are having sleep issues is unique to you. Other plans use a cookie-cutter approach for coaching, and hope that it works for everyone.

Aspect is different. Using the latest in wearable technology and at-home testing kits we will truly learn about you, your habits, your metabolism and your lifestyle. Your coach will understand your goals through conversations combined with a scientific bio-sensing approach:

They will read your body's response to various stimuli and the reactions they have on your sleep quality and help you in a step-by-step manner to adjust your lifestyle and create a better night's sleep.

How it works

We will be there for you

Your coach is fully dedicated to your success - they will be accessible through chat and will meet with you to discuss your goals and your progress whenever you need them.

With the help of the Aspect app and wearable devices, they will be able to help you in a way nobody else can. Your coach will read your data, and make recommendations that work for your lifestyle and will impact your sleep quality. Getting to sleep and sleeping for longer will become easier each day.

How it works

The best plan

Your coach will design a plan that is unique to you. Our 24-week plan is science-backed and proven to increase your sleep quality with a success rate of 80%-95%.

Your coach will create goals, challenges, and experiments for you to be able to clearly see the impact of your actions on the quality of your sleep.

Our users love us


I have joined the aspect sleep program to help me get to sleep at night, their overarching view of my nutrition, exercise and heart rate got me to improve not only my process of falling asleep, but my sleep quality as well - I've noticed a real increase in my alertness levels during the day and my general performance


My wife and I have been struggling with sleep issues for several years since we had our first kid - within two weeks of joining aspect we were already both sleeping so much better - highly recommend - 5 stars


I finally know why I used to be tired all the time - and I overcame it - The coaching I received from Aspect was top-notch and my life has truly changed - I now know my triggers for bad sleep and with minor changes in my day-to-day I made a huge improvement to my life!!

Learn from the experts

McKel Kooienga, Nutrition Stripped

"In addition to more junk food cravings, a lack of sleep could also cause you to snack more in general, therefore leading to a higher calorie intake the next day. This could be problematic if you’re looking to lose weight by cutting down on calories.”

Adam Bornstein, Born Fitness

"Good hydration is an essential component of your health, but too much drinking before you sleep can severely disrupt a restful night of sleep, and even cause a disorder known as nocturia.”

Laura Schoenfeld, Girls Gone Strong

“Make sure you’re not exercising very close to bedtime, as exercise is stimulating and can keep you from falling asleep. Try moving your workout to the morning or midday if you’re feeling overly wired at night.”

Shane Duquette, Outlift

“You’ll probably want to avoid having whey protein shakes right before bed, especially on an empty stomach. In that case, the protein can be digested so quickly that it interferes with our ability to produce melatonin."

Hannah Kemish, Breaking Muscle

“Evening meals often consist of a light serving of easily digestible, cooked vegetables. When I am away at a yoga retreat and eating this way, I sleep like a baby."

Dennis Relojo-Howell, Psychreg

"One impact that is often overlooked is sleep’s effect on mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause serious mental health problems which can cause a huge toll on your life if not effectively addressed."

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