Achieve Lasting Weight Loss and Increased Energy Through Perimenopause

No crazy diets, workouts or medications
At-home testing to uncover imbalances driving your symptoms
Customized plans based on your body's needs
Guidance from your health coach for navigating every part of your journey
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We Will Help You Restore Balance

As you enter perimenopause, symptoms like weight gain, mood swings, and fatigue can emerge due to hormonal shifts, heightened blood sugar, inflammation, and stress. By measuring these factors, we unveil your body's unique needs and craft a personalized strategy for ultimate wellness!

The Aspect Advantage

A Care Team who Cares

Our health coaches are dedicated to helping you feel your best and providing holistic support throughout your journey.

No Calorie Tracking or Unrealistic Workouts

Simply snap a picture of your meals and we do the rest!

Guaranteed Results

If you don't see a noticeable difference in 90 days, we will refund you the cost of coaching and app usage

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What's Included

Glucose Sensor

The Aspect App

Dedicated Health Coach

At-home Test Kits

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Our Users Love Us

Kathleen, 46

“Not only have I lost weight, I have been able to handle my stress better and my energy has increased. This program goes way beyond just a diet and it has helped me implement a total lifestyle change. I am grateful!”

Brandy, 34

"I like the dietary changes and the results so far as I'm starting to feel the benefits and have even had a bit of weight loss 7lbs to be exact. On top of that, my brain fog and sleep have improved a lot!"

Svetlana, 48

"Two months with Aspect and I can't believe – 10 pounds down already! I used to resort to starving myself for any weight loss, but that always led to bingeing. Thanks to my health coach, I've learned an eating approach that's works for me long term."

Create a Personalized Plan

Our proprietary protocol enables us to determine the most effective interventions for you, and together with your health coach, we create a personalized plan

Collect hormonal balance biomarkers

An at-home lab test will help us to evaluate your insulin sensitivity, inflammation, stress, hormonal balance, nutritional balance and cardiovascular health and continuously track your blood glucose.

Learn Your Body's Responses

The first two weeks of each month will be dedicated to learning about your body's glucose responses with fun and engaging experiments. You and your coach will select the ones best fit your lifestyle and are most likely to provide results.

Improve Your Metabolism

The second part of the month will be dedicated to integrating your experiments into your lifestyle - your dedicated health coach will help you to convert your insights to actual lifestyle changes so you can focus on feeling better.

Learn From The Experts

Dr. Jolene Brighten

“This weight gain could be a result of changing estrogen levels. Lower levels of estrogen are associated with insulin resistance, which can cause weight gain.”

The Glucose Goddess

“If you suffer from hormonal issues, PCOS symptoms, infertility, menopause symptoms, it's key to get your glucose levels in balance”

Dr. Christine Northrup

Insulin resistance is the primary driver of menopausal weight gain. And, the key to reversing it and achieving lasting weight loss is to keep insulin levels low.

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